The End


Only a handful of hours until the finale arrives, and a few more before it disappears. (Cliché alert:) I can’t believe it is here.

I apologize I didn’t get this post up earlier…I blame the bright lights of Las Vegas. And let the record show that as I write this post, I am at about 35,000 feet above the Rocky Mountains, in seat 23 D (I wanted 23 C…) on Southwest flight 1045 from McCarran International to Omaha.

Tonight is the night. Six years of our lives, book ended in a matter of hours. Rather than formally previewing tonight, I’m going to let it speak for itself. After you finish reading this short entry, I encourage you to shut off your computers, go pick up some snacks for tonight’s marathon event, and enjoy the episode for what it is.

The episode title is “The End,” and the description from ABC Medianet is “The series finale.” There has been no released guest star list, no indication of what may or may not happen. And I love it.

The Schedule (in CST – also known as “God’s Time”; please adjust for your time zone)
6:00 PM : 2 hour retrospective on the series
8:00 PM : 2.5 hour finale, “The End”
10:30 PM : Your local news (read below for info if you’re in the Lincoln area)
11:30 PM : Jimmy Kimmel’s “Aloha to Lost”

I, too, am bummed that the local news will interrupt the momentum going into Jimmy Kimmel. However, I highly encourage you to not go to bed and power through until 11:30. Perhaps you could take a walk around your neighborhood to decompress? Maybe smoke a cigar in honor of the finale on your back porch? Maybe get on The Dharma Blog and provide your instant thoughts in the comment section? There are several options.

…but if you’re in the Lincoln area
Have we got an exciting opportunity for you! Perhaps you heard about The Dharma Blog’s second brush with fame in the Lincoln Journal Star on Thursday? Well, we managed to get past the nerd filters at our local paper again for another article about the show, the finale, and our thoughts going into tonight. The local ABC affiliate, KLKN, called up Charlie on Thursday afternoon after seeing the article and asked if they could come film our finale watch party at Charlie’s house tonight. And in a moment of insanity, Charlie said yes. Welcome to local news on Sunday nights, folks - - it’ll be a riveting piece, I just know. So, if you’re in the Lincoln area and need a laugh to help get through the sadness you are feeling post-finale, switch to channel 8 and watch The Dharma Blog watch party kids make fools of themselves on local television.

This week
Watch for a few posts this week from Charlie and me as we digest what just happened and provide some final, parting thoughts. After this week, The Dharma Blog will retire. We are going to miss it, too, but we can’t bring ourselves to start up another blog called “The Final Rose” or “Seattle Grace Unscripted” or “Mr. Schuester’s World”.

We’re so appreciative of the encouragement and enthusiasm from everyone during this wild ride. Thank you for allowing us to nerd out with you a few times a week.

Namaste, and enjoy tonight,

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May said...

Nerding out here in Dallas, too! We've got homemade "Your mother is an Other" and "I survived the Smoke Monster" shirts and great seats at the Angelika movie theater for LOST fun before the show begins. Have fun!! Would love to see the newscast of your viewing party! Take care :)

Michael said...

Maggie and Charlie,

Thanks for all of your hard work in writing this blog. I will miss reading and checking the blog, but also am excited for it to be over. You guys have made me enjoy and understand this great story called LOST so much, and I just want to say Thank You for that.
Good Luck and Namaste
West Des Moines

The Glamour Machine said...

Congratulations on your last official post! I've so enjoyed the humor, enthusiasm and (most of all) insight you and Charlie have brought to my LOST watching experience. Enjoy tonight as well - and another congrats on the continuation of your "15 minutes!"

Anonymous said...

As a very avid fan of the show, I'm sorry to say I only found out about this site this season. I cna thank that article in the LJS for that.

Anyway, I've enjoyed reading the comments and insight into the show from the both of you. Thanks much!

Now.... back to trying to digest what I have watched for the last 6 years..................

Aimee said...

The producers told us that they would not answer all of our questions but they would still leave us satisfied. And I think they were right. Wow. That was quite the journey. Namaste Maggie and Charlie!

Island Girl said...

Wow! What a long, strange trip it's been! I am very pleased with the ending; it answered some questions, and made me ask many more- just like life. Thanks again for all of your efforts, look forward to reading your posts this week.

Spike Gerard said...

Thank you for the best insight I have found on the internet, for my Lost Fix. You guys made this show even better with your exciting analysis and predictions! Namaste

Anonymous said...

So, I'm confused: (SPOILER if you didn't watch the last episode like the rest of us)

Are they all dead? Are all the ones in the church at the end of the show dead? If so why was Penny with Desmond, is she dead too? If so why is Hurley the #1 and is Ben still in "purgatory" on the island? Did they all actually die when the plane crashed, and if so how did all of the last 6 years go down? So was Jack never really a father (what John said to Jack post-op)? What happened to Jack's son after the concert? Sorry if these questions seems stupid to you. I've been reading your blog since the LJS made me aware of it. BTW I live just up the street from one of the KLKN personalities here in Lincoln.

Brian said...

Here's my take; everything was completely real except for the sideways flashes. The flash sideways were purgatory (for lack of a better word), until they could all meet up together to journey together to eternity. So in all of the flash sideways, they were dead, and the flash sideways was just the world that was created to bring them all together.

So it doesn't matter that some of the characters weren't dead at the end, because as Christian said, "everyone dies." So Hurley may have lived out his life on the island for another 50 years and then died of old age, and then he went to this other world of the sideways flashes. But it all happened at the same time because essentially time doesn't exist in the flash sideways world. So Jack (who died right at the end) would have no idea of waiting 50 years for Hurley to die.

That's my take, anyway. And my opinion is that the finale was incredible, up until the last ten minutes or so of the show, at which point the writers completely blew it.

CASEY said...

I'm sad LOST is over. It was a great series, but the finale was kind of boring. I thought we'd see a lot more action besides the Jack/Locke fight. I think the writers took the easy way out with the "we're all dead" ending. I would have loved to see something a little more creative.

Anyways, i love LOST and hope TV producers come up with something similar and soon.